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1. INFO.
- Product Family_ Tailoring Suit For VX Line(Leather Jackets )
- Color_ White
- Material_ Tyvek® by DUPONT USA
- VX line provides special customized service. Based on the standard size of XS/S/M/L/XL, you pick one size from XS~XL. To help you pick the perfect fitting VX suit. Specific sizes are listed in our site. You can request the individual torso, total length, arm circumference and arm length according to your personal fitting preference. *If you want this service, you must purchase a “VX suit” before purchasing VX line products(*Leather jacket items only).
- When you purchase a VX suit, a 10% discount code is generated that can be used to purchase products in the VX line. *Member registration is required. The discount code will be sent to your registered email.
- If you purchase and use the VX suit in advance, you can check the size of the actual product according to the standard sizes. This service will allow you to enjoy customized tailoring services based on the standard (XS to XL) size you chose. This is the best way to prevent size errors when purchasing online.
- VX suit is a design and size that is applied to all products of the VX line products.
- Self-tailing measurement method using the VX suit is very simple and easy. * Shipping costs are not included. 
- Step 1. With the length/circumference options(A: arm circumference / P: arm length / B: body circumference / T: total length) provided, select a length that you prefer. The VX suit provides 5 length/circumference options for arm&total length and arm&body circumference. 
- Step 2. Go to the actual VX line product purchase page and enter selected length/circumference options in the VX option selection tab on the left bottom of the page. Ex) A3, P1, B4, T5 
- Step 3. At the very bottom of the VX option selection tab, select the size of you’re your purchased VX suit(XS to XL).
- Don’t forget to apply your 10% discount code sent to your email (discount code is sent to your email right after you purchase the VX suit). *VX suits cannot be exchanged or refunded under any circumstances. Please purchase the VX suit discreetly.

- After the payment is confirmed, it will be delivered via EMS in 1 to 2 days (excluding weekends and holidays), and the average production and delivery time will take about 2 weeks. * Delivery time in Korea takes about one week.

- If you have any questions about the product, please contact the BLINDREASON® C/S center. (*Respond to e-mail service only)