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1. INFO.
- Product Family_ Leather Jacket
- Color_ Black
- Leather Material_ 100% Sheep Leather by PiSTOLESI SRL® ITALY
- Metal Material_ Zipper(LAMPO® ITALY) / Button(LILI® COBRAX® SWISS) 
- Special Material_Sterling Silver(92.5%)

2-1. Leather
- BLINDREASON® uses the "OLD TEXAS" leather garment developed in collaboration with PiSTOLESI SRL® ITALY. This material has been specially developed for strong durability while ensuring soft usability of the sheepskin. It is protected by the "Unicode Number" issued by PiSTOLESI SRL® ITALY. This collaboration allows us to provide a unique brand signature.

2-2. Zipper & Snap Button
- BLINDREASON® use the zipper "LAMPO® ITALY" & button "LILI® COBRAX® SWISS" products. As known for world's three largest fashion subsidiary materials company, the company's superior products, which have proven their durability and superior usability, complete the BLINDREASON®'s product perfection. 

2-3. Craft Material
- 92.5% sterling silver is used in all BLINDREASON®'s "VX line" materials(symbol, A buttons and zipper sliders) Based on the excellent craftsmanship of the BLINDREASON®, 100% handicraft detailing guarantees specialty and perfection.

3-1. Special tailoring service for "VX LINE"
VX line provides special customized service. Based on the standard size of XS ~ XL, you can request to make the body circumference and total length, arm circumference and arm length according to your personal preference. * For personalized service, you must purchase the "VX SUIT" before purchasing the product.

3-2. About the "VX SUIT"
If you purchase a "VX SUIT", a 10% discount code is generated that can be used for the actual purchase of VX line products.(Member registration is required. * Discount code will be sent to the registered e-mail) "VX SUIT" allows you to order a fit for your personal preference and the advantage of being able to check your own size before purchasing the actual product. How to measure the fit is very simple and easy. * Shipping costs are not included. 

- Due to the nature of the material, leather garment products have wrinkles when worn. After receiving the first product, please make sure to avoid wrinkles as much as possible during the size fit. * Excessive damage (wrinkles, tears, scratches) will cause rejection when exchanging or returning.

- VX Line products are all custom-made & order-made products. 1~2 days(excluding weekends and holidays) after the payment is confirmed, we will ship the product by EMS and average delivery will take about 3~4 weeks .

- The "VX line" product’s snap and zipper sliders are made of 92.5% sterling silver. In the case of discoloration or contamination, please wipe the product with the silver cleaning cloth enclosed in the warranty. Silver cleaning cloth can be easily purchased on the market when it wears out.

- If you have any questions about the product, please contact the BLINDREASON® C/S Center. > br- cs@blindreason.com (*Only e-mail service)