The Blend Project is a collaborative project with artists who have a firm faith and philosophy on ‘creative craftsmanship’ in his league.


This project was a collaboration with various artists. Our first artist was "VOVO (Minjoon Jung)". He is a guitarist of NOBRAIN and THURNDERS. VOVO is a pride of Korean punk rock and is extremely interested in stretching the limitation of his creativity. The unique detail and ideas applied in his leather jacket also has a functional aspect to it. You can see his signature motif "lightning” and also can find extra guitar pick slot on the leather jacket. 
The action band of the shoulder part was added for easy picking. Also he mentioned that during the concert guitarists lose the picks during their immersed guitar performance; hence the metal guitar pick case was applied to the left pocket of the jacket to use the pick whenever needed.



This work suit project was brought to life with Coldgray, a global tattooist and an artist collaborating in various fields. Antibacterial functional fabric is applied in consideration of various contaminant environments (ink, bacteria, etc.). Practical pattern designs(armhole, shoulder) according to the working environment with long-term concentration, marker placement necessary for frequent correction of the tattoo design that occurs during sketching were adapted to the product. We analyzed various situations during the tattooing process and carefully applied the usability to the suit.