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1. INFO.
- Color_ Black
- Shell_ 100% Sheep Leather by ONLY FRANK SRL® Italy
- Lining_ Heat Reflective Polyester
- Zippers_ SUPER LAMPO® Italy
- Buttons_ LILI® COBRAX® Swiss

2-1. Leather
- The natural leather used in the leather products of BLINDREASON® uses "BR220302", which was developed in collaboration with ONLY FRANK SRL ITALY, which is evaluated as the world's best quality. This material is specially developed for high durability while maintaining the unique softness of sheepskin while being resistant to contamination. This is protected by a 'unique serial number' issued by ONLY FRANK SRL, which proves the world's only and unique use.

2-2. Zipper & Snap Button
- The zippers and snap buttons used in the leather product line are "LAMPO® ITALY" and "RIRI® COBRAX® SWISS", which are evaluated as one of the world's top 3 clothing subsidiary materials. The products of both companies, recognized for their high durability and excellent quality, further enhance the completeness of BLINDREASON® products.

2-2. Lining
- Our new Heat Reflective Lining is intended to line cold-weather apparel and the stamped silver finish helps trap your body heat, keeping you warmer.

- Natural leather requires special attention because it is vulnerable to moisture (water). Avoid the usual well-ventilated or humid storage conditions. Continuous maintenance is usually required, and in case of contamination, apply a cream for natural leather management and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

- Due to the nature of the material, leather garment products have wrinkles when worn. After receiving the first product, please make sure to avoid wrinkles as much as possible during the size fit. * Excessive damage (wrinkles, tears, scratches) will cause rejection when exchanging or returning.

- NX Line products are order-made products. 1~2 days(excluding weekends and holidays) after the payment is confirmed, we will ship the product by EMS and average delivery will take about 3~4 weeks .

- If you have any questions about the product, please contact the BLINDREASON® C/S Center. >  inquiries@blindreason.com (*Only e-mail service)