How to use Certilogo from Certilogo on Vimeo.

We have had many issues with counterfeit over the years. It has been diminishing our efforts and discouraging our loyal customers from buying outside of BLINDREASON®'s official online store. We are providing a service to assure the authenticity of the product and protect our customers from counterfeit.
* This service is provide for jewelry & leather items only We are certifying our brand through Certilogo certifies luxury brand's products and also detects and warns counterfeits.
Their major clients are Stone Isand®, Versace® and Moncler®. We cannot compensate for the damages with the products that do not have the "Certilogo seal". Please check the "Certilogo seal" when you are buying our products. You can check the authenticity by entering the numbers on the "Certilogo seal" at CERTILOGO.COM.
Thank you and always shop safely!